Trusted Traders

Our aim here is to provide an ever expanding Directory of motorcycle related trades, services and/or suppliers that we have either personally experienced and/or our friends and colleagues have experienced and have thus given their recommendation and approval for inclusion within.

We aim to be somewhat different and therefore inclusion within our “Trusted Traders” Directory is not automatically granted to just any applicant.

We want our website visitors to have the confidence of knowing that they can rely on these companies, those listed have therefore been personally “invited”  to join the Directory and have therefore“earned”  their place within.

So, if you are looking to bring a machine like this back to life, you will need to seek help from many honest, skilled and knowledgeable trades and material suppliers, which you may very well find listed within “John’s Motorcycle News”.

We therefore sincerely hope that you find the products and services that you are looking for within our, ever expanding list,in our Trusted Traders Directory


NB: If you are a supplier/trader that would like to be included within our Trusted Trader section, John and Michael will be pleased to become acquainted with you and your business and, hopefully, will be able to recommend it to our readers, inclusion within the website will always remain at JMN’s discretion.

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Johns Motorcycle News Trusted Trader Directory