Tyres for motorcycles

Tyres for motorcycles

As a typical motorcycle has only two wheels, it is very important to choose proper tyres, in order to ensure the best road grip, driving and handling, thus increasing safety of driving. Depending on motorcycle application, many tyres manufacturers divide them into tyres for road, off-road/enduro and racing motorcycles, for mopeds and scooters, for cruisers and touring bikes, for racing and sports bikes, for quads, choppers.More information about tyres you can find here buycarparts.co.uk


First of all, any tyre has its own rim diameter, so purchasing tyres make sure that you get needed information from the motorcycle technical documentation. This parameter is measured in inches and varies in 8–21 range.


Choosing motorcycle tyres you will meet with markings located on their sidewalls, which, apart from the diameter, include width (usually from 50 to 330 mm), ratio of profile height expressed as percentage of width (from 30 to 600 mm), speed (in k/h) and load indexes (in kg). Therefore, a tyre can have the following marking on its side – 185/70 ZR17 M/C (58W), where 185 is width, 70 – height of 129,5 mm, Z – speed index of +240 k/h, R – radial tyre, 17 – diameter in inches, M/C stands for “motorcycle only” and 58 means maximum weight of 236 kg.


Another parameter which requires your consideration is a season for which the tyre is designed. Thus, there are summer, all-season and even winter tyres. Moreover, motorcycle tyres can be made for use on the front or rear axle only, or both. Proper installation critical to obtaining optimum performance and handling.

Although, motorcycle tyres, as well as those for cars, can have a tube inside, or be tubeless. And its tread pattern can also differ, from complicated with many grooves and lugs, to totally slick ones.

Whatever motorcycle you have, a small city cruise or high-power chopper, you will find applicable tyres for it in our online-shop.