R H Specialist Motorcycle Insurance

Specialist motorcycle insurance from people with over 45 years’ experience

The RH team’s motto: ‘We treat every client like a VIP.’

The RH Specialist Insurance Scheme has been designed by experts with over 45 years’ experience in vintage, veteran and classic motorcycle insurance. Our specialist scheme offers excellent value for money, is managed by knowledgeable specialists and has great flexibility.

Benefits: (subject to status) 

Complimentary cherished salvage return

Automatic and free of charge (in addition to receiving a payment for the full value of your motorcycle) on all vehicles over 20 years of age which are repairable within DVLA guidelines

Breakdown & recovery

Included anywhere in UK & Europe on all policies – including home assistance

Dismantled parts

Accessories and dismantled parts for the insured motorcycle are covered whilst in a locked garage and up to the value of the insured vehicle

Policy options:

Agreed value

            A £15 administration fee per vehicle will be charged where RH carry out an agreed value


Uninsured losses – legal assistance

Cover up to £100,000


Option to pay monthly instead of annually. Contact the RH team to request current APR and interest rate details.


Insure more than 2 vehicles on the same policy (providing the majority are classic). Benefit from reduced premiums and the convenience of just one renewal date

Obtaining a quote is easy

Contact RH Specialist Vehicle Insurance on 0333 043 3911
email RH at rh@ers.com
or go online at www.rhspecialistinsurance.co.uk