How to Keep Your Motorcycle Batteries From Going Flat

Motorcycles are a popular mode of transport today. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, a motorcycle battery is necessary. These batteries, though, can be very expensive. Additionally, they last less than other car batteries.

This blog focuses on how you can make your motorcycle battery last longer. It will go over the best ways to care for this important equipment and get the most mileage out of your battery for the longest time.

Tips on How to Extend Your Motorcycle Battery

Here are a few simple tips to properly take care of your motorcycle battery.

Start your motorcycle regularly.

Not all motorcycle riders use their bikes regularly. Some use them only for leisure, like weekend rides to get away from the city or for some random night rides. Premature discharge may result from not using your motorcycle frequently or not starting it every day.

For this reason, you must fire up your motorcycle at least once a week. Start it up and leave it for a few minutes. You can take a quick ride around the block to unwind if you want.

Remove the battery if you won’t use the bike for a long time

Even car owners need to follow this advice. Remove the battery if you will not use the motorcycle for weeks or even months. Check the owner’s manual to learn how to do it.

Make sure to store the battery properly too. It should be stored at a proper room temperature and will not get soaked or hot. Place your battery away from any conductors to prevent depletion. Place it on top of insulators on the floor, a wooden stool, or a table.

Conduct regular visual inspections

Before every ride:

  1. Inspect your battery as part of your pre-ride routine.
  2. Check the battery terminals for possible signs of corrosion and clean them as needed.
  3. Carefully inspect the battery for any signs of a leak.

If your motorcycle has a conventional battery, you must top it off with distilled water. Check the type of battery your motorcycle has and consult the manual.

Check the battery’s health.

Some units have built-in voltmeters that tell you if there are issues with the battery upon startup or while you are on the go. However, using the right tools is the best way to check your battery’s health.

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you have these tools and can check the battery yourself. But if not, you can bring your motorcycle to a trusted shop and let the mechanic do it.

You can avoid unplanned breakdowns and emergency towing while on a journey if you do this.. If you can diagnose any problems in advance, you will not experience having your bike’s electronics fail due to battery discharge.

Keep the battery charged.

The best thing you can do to keep your motorcycle running for longer is to keep the battery charged. If you ride your motorcycle frequently, the alternator should charge the battery while you’re out riding. However, if you store your motorcycle for extended periods, such as several weeks or months, you’ll need to buy a motorcycle battery charger.

Keep up with the maintenance schedule.

Like most parts of your motorcycle, you should maintain the battery properly; include the following in the routine:

  • Examine the terminals for corrosion and use a wire brush to remove any deterioration.
  • If the plates are not immersed, check the electrolyte levels in traditional batteries and add distilled water.
  • Testing its power with a battery tester ensures your battery is working properly.

These simple inspections and adjustments can be done monthly to extend your battery’s life.

Regulate the temperature

For traditional motorcycle batteries, vapor loss is a typical event that develops gradually over time. Extreme temperature changes, however, can hasten vapor loss, which eventually prevents the battery from storing a charge. Although it is impossible to shield your motorcycle from all temperature changes, keeping it in a climate-controlled garage will keep the battery’s temperature steady when it is not in use.

Vapor loss is not a problem with the YTX, YIX, and GYZ series batteries because they are sealed, and the gases combine inside the cell to prevent fluid loss. But keeping them in a heated, climate-controlled garage will lessen self-discharge and maintain a constant battery temperature for dependable starting all year.

Use the right motorcycle battery.

Motorcycles are not all made equal. The same goes for batteries. It will run better if you use a battery for your particular motorcycle type. Consult your motorcycle manual to know the specific type of battery you should use. Motorcycle batteries come in various sizes and by many manufacturers. Choose a brand that helps you choose the right one.

A strong battery is essential regardless of the type of motorbike you ride. By keeping the motorcycle’s battery in good condition, you can avoid replacing it earlier than necessary and save money. A healthy battery can enhance the efficiency of your motorcycle and make it safer to ride.


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