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Specialists in shot and bead blasting and powder coating on all motorcycle components – veteran, vintage, classic – to award winning standards

Since 1975, we have provided high quality finishes on anything from rusty springs to Rolls-Royce chassis. Our customer base spans Europe and beyond, with customers even as far away as Australia. 

Our renowned powder coating facility boasts many top professional restorers, with results going in the British Motorcycle Museum re-building programme after the fire which swept out their entire show exhibits.

It is our aim to provide customers with a finished product and service of the highest quality and reliability.  Experience advises us on powder types and quality with a choice of powder to suit application and afford the fullest protection against corrosion and resistance to elements. Attainment of high concours quality is achievable on almost anything and these coatings have an excellent performance record on both exterior and interior uses.

Our extensive range of RAL and BS colours enable us to match customer requirements and with over 150 colours in stock there is plenty of choice, along with a selection of finishes – full gloss, satin, matt, metallic, crinkle.

Redditch Shotblasting have featured on Sky Televisions “A Bike is Born” and Channel 4s “Salvage Squad” plus “Beetle Squad” and “Car SOS”!  The professionals use us, so why don’t you.www.redditchshotblasting.co.uk/