2021 VMCC 75th Anniversary event dates – update


Hog’s Back Surrey 28th April

To mark the anniversary there will be a recreation of the photograph below taken at the original meeting in 1946.  We will assemble 38 bikes to match the 1946 attendance but chosen from the Club’s current diversity of people and machines, from early veterans to 1996, mopeds to road-legal racers.  

The first VMCC meet.

National Way Point Rally, mid-June to mid-September

This is intended to provide an opportunity for informal social rides throughout the summer undertaken by members wanting to enjoy a day out with their machine. Members will be able to claim Way Points, rather than having forms signed.  This releases the event from time pressures and from the challenges that may still be in place due the current and ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Local VMCC Sections will identify up to three Way Points in their area, which will be collated into a national list. Members will then e-mail to claim the Way Points they have visited, attaching a photo if possible. This data will then go into a tracker with the membership number and Way Point location on it.  At the end we will be able to interrogate the tracker to find the most popular Way Points and the members who have visited the most.

75th Anniversary Events

By mid-summer we hope that all the VMCC local sections will be able to designate one event as being their 75th Anniversary Event, for example Founders Day organised by the Leicestershire based Taverners Section on 17th/18th July.

Banbury Run

This was planned to be in June but with regret we have decided that the run will not take place this year. Given both the current predictions on Covid 19 and the amount of work that would be required to run an event that the authorities would allow, it would be impossible to keep the Banbury Run as our Premier event. We have looked at alternatives like a simpler, smaller event or holding it later in the year, but we feel that would dilute the spirit of the event. In addition, we need to make a decision now to give participants as much notice as possible before we undertake the large amount of administrative work and potentially incur non-refundable costs. The Banbury Run will return in 2022.


Cadwell Park Track Day 14th/15th August

This two-day event will give members the chance to ride one of the UK’s most picturesque circuits suitable for all abilities and types of VMCC eligible road and race machines. This will be organised by BHR, the VMCC’s highly capable historic racing section. More information will follow – the format and scope of the event is still under development.



To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the club, a range of branded merchandise will be produced and sold via the VMCC shop.