Event Advertising Flyers

events-diary-logo-v6In this particular section we publish events spanning approximately a rolling twelve month period (which will show both past and future events) and provide you with a flavour of what is happening in the world of motorcycles.

PLEASE NOTE :- Flyers are in date order (OLDEST FIRST), with the exception of Flyers that show multiple event entries, (where their position is relevant to the first event date).


Where possible we have provided direct links to the appropriate site, accessed by clicking anywhere on the Flyer itself.

To Event Organisers – It would be very much appreciated if you could provide a reciprocal link on your own website/Facebook page to www.johnsmotorcyclenews.co.uk we will be happy to supply you with a copy of our logo on request.

We will be happy to publish your promotional Flyers advertising Motorcycle Related Events and link them to our Events Calendar.

If you have an event you would like to include please contact us with details and a good resolution copy of your flyer.