You have all heard of the adventures of Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman, well Charlie Williams and Zach Burns are going one better with their “LONG WAY UP 2017”  Rudge Charity ride from Lands End to John O’Groats  (14th – 18th June 2017).  So, come on lads and lasses check it out in our featured article (above) and in our “Charity Work”  section. Why not join the lads if you can (as individuals or as Clubs) with your donations ready and/or donate, as we have done, direct at We all wish the lads a pleasant and safe ride.


ENDURANCE LEGENDS (6th & 7th May 2017) – What an absolutely fantastic weekend with a host of celebrities and “Guest of Honour”, being “Fast” Freddie Spencer, lots to do and some wonderful racing from Lansdowne Classic Series & ICGP, Classic Bike Parade & track sessions, VMCC  & BHR “Try a Bike”  &  Sidecar Experiences on the Melbourne Loop (Sponsored by Bennetts Insurance) & an unbelievable 4HR Endurance Race won by #1 NEATE RACING TEAM completing an incredible 175 laps of the 2.5 mile course. Superbly supported by our good friends from ERIKS, full details can be found in our Endurance Legends (6th & 7th May 2017) article, above.



IMPORTANT :By now you will all have, no doubt heard of the unfortunate accident that our good friend John McGuinness suffered in the North West 200 and so, obviously, the planned book launch “In CONVERSATION with JOHN McGUINNESS”  (with “Gilly” from BBC Radio Lancashire) scheduled for TUESDAY evening, 16th May, in Blackburn, did NOT take place.

We did publicise this cancellation as soon as we knew along with the fact that ticket refund arrangements were being made by the organisers and we are all hoping that this event will be re-scheduled in the near future and shall keep you informed. In the meantime Gilly, Elaine Silverwood, John and Michael and all of his friends and colleagues send our very best wishes to John, Becky and family for his speedy recovery.


COMING SOON – We hope to be publishing an very interesting article on the effects of “ETHANOL in FUEL” , within our “Techie Stuff”  section (prompted by our good friend Martin Pagett of LYNBROOK INSURANCE), we are currently awaiting product information from several fuel additive manufacturers.


OF RECENT INTEREST  – Mortons Strive to get more people “On 2 Wheels”

Want to get into (or back into) motorcycling?

Then take a look at a new title on the market from our friends at Mortons, with the specific aim of encouraging beginners and new riders.

 “On2Wheels”  is a free pick-up newspaper  that brings together all the information and advice needed for those starting out. Features in the debut issue include advice on moving through the licence categories, improving riding skills, saving money and buying the right kit.

The inspiration was to do exactly what it says on the cover… get more people on two wheels, whether it’s scooters or motorcycles. You could be starting out for the first time, a former rider looking to get back on the road or someone wanting to take steps towards a full A licence. On2Wheels is also supported by a website  (or just click on the logo) that includes a function to read the latest printed issue, along with a presence on various social media channels. What a brilliant idea !



John Abram and Michael W George have been active members of the VMCC (Vintage Motor Cycle Club) for many years now, both own several motorcycles and have a common interest in all things “motorcycle related” for bikes of all ages (not just solely those over 25 years of age).

They regularly attend, often organise, and help support motorcycle events, displaying race bikes and supporting charities and good causes. In doing so they meet some very hard working and interesting people and many well-known celebrities on the way to boot!

Over the last few years they found that there was a great need for regular information and news with the ever expanding interest in motorcycles, both Classic and Modern, and the related products and services required to keep them well maintained and safe. There is also a need for a novice (and even a hardened veteran) to know where they can obtain certain parts or services from a trusted recommended source.

To go some way towards satisfying these needs John developed a system of communication by text and emails sending them to those people who expressed an interest in becoming involved and Michael wrote and submitted many articles and photographs onto their local VMCC website and published several within the VMCC’s International monthly journals. They also actively support trusted traders and suppliers of whom they had dealt with, or had first hand knowledge of, and all of this has become extremely successful and popular, supported by many well-known celebrities and businesses.

John has a regular slot on BBC Radio Lancashire, on John Gilmore’s (Gilly) show to chat about all things motorcycle related and motorcycle events and Michael has also joined him as a guest speaker. This soon developed into many organised and extremely well attended “live” outside broadcasts at a variety of interesting venues.

With an ever increasing number of interested parties and demand, not only from fellow VMCC members, but also from non members, traders, friends and colleagues it seemed only natural to consider creating an informative website of their own.

Their aim was to produce a website of interest, of events and news and of reference, the “Ultimate Motorcyclists Directory”  but they could never have envisaged just how successful it would become. Within months of launch the site became International with thousands of visits per week!

John and Michael sincerely hope that you find this website creative, interesting and informative and they wish you all safe and happy motorcycling.